Goose Grease DIY Wooden Family Kit + Book

The Family Peg Doll DIY Kit includes five blank dolls and all that you need to make your own family peg doll set.

INCLUDES: Family DIY Kit (5 blank dolls, 6 paints, 2 brushes, varnish, sandpaper, (Not So) Blank Henry Board Book, small postcard explaining how to use the kit to enhance the reading of the book. 

The Book: 

Written by Juan Carlos Donado and illustrated by Anna Leigh Donado, (Not So) Blank Henry is about a young peg doll who wakes up one day and starts to make his own decisions. From his hair color to his t-shirt, to his cowboy outfit and painting smock, Henry begins making choices that help him to feel not-so blank anymore. He feels radiant. Henry is a sweet, funny little story perfect for your young reader. For the older kids, we have an awesome bundle option that turns our Henry book into an excellent activity.

The Dolls:

Hand-chiseled from Urapán wood on an electric lathe, these classic wooden peg dolls are finished with USA-made non-toxic water-based paints. Each doll is unique and safe for little hands. Dolls are design in Brooklyn and reproduced by artisans in Bogotá, Colombia.

Goose Grease carpenter uses sustainably-harvested trees; when one tree is used, two are planted.  Each doll is carefully hand-drawn and hand-painted from start to finish. 

$ 36.00
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