meet-tysa-pic "I have always been into fashion. I loved dressing up in my grandmother's clothes," says TYSA Wright, designer and founder of her eponymous collection. "My grandma has some of the most amazing pieces from her modeling days. Old leopard coats from the '40s, velvet pieces… later on I got into the skateboarding culture." Conceived in 2004, Los Angeles and manufactured entirely in the United States, TYSA is a collection of chic pieces meant to be dressed up or down. "I was unhappy with what I saw in stores. Everything was so embellished with rhinestones and that just wasn't me." Beginning with one cotton skirt, TYSA has grown into a fully formed collection for women of all ages. "I had an idea to design a simple cotton skirt. Then I decided to do a reversible cotton skirt that went into Fred Segal and Scoop. Everything sold out immediately. From there it all started; I always want to create great silhouettes and innovative prints that you can give your own vibe to." Composed of lustrous linen, comfortable cotton voiles, and prints that take inspiration from travels throughout the world, TYSA transitions seamlessly from daytime kickback to evening fabulous. TYSA's versatility is no surprise once you understand that one of her primary inspirations comes from the 24/7 lifestyle of rock n roll. "One of my main style inspirations is Anita Pallenberg. I draw so much inspiration from music. I love everyone from Chrissy Hynde to Patti Smith to Billie Holiday to the Rolling Stones to Pharell and John Lennon." Along with music, travel is also an integral part of the Tysa story, "I get so much inspiration for color wherever I travel," she says. Amazonian greens, the orange of an Indian sunset, the red of the East African soil, and a Caribbean turquoise all mix flawlessly with more urban shades of black, brown and khaki.